“Leaving Microsoft to Save the World”?

I see from news coming out of the ongoing Frankfurt book fair that an upcoming book called “Leaving Microsoft to Save the World” is getting lots of interest. Great, what is it? Publishers Weekly off-handedly describes it is a “call to action”, but I can’t find anything about the not-yet-in-print book on Amazon, or anywhere else for that matter.


  1. Jeannine Stronach says:

    LEAVING MICROSOFT TO CHANGE THE WORLD is a book by former Microsoft executive John Wood. Release date is set for September 2006 on the Collins imprint of HarperCollins. Wood left the company in 2000 in order to start a nonprofit that would build libraries and schools in Nepal. Only six years later, Wood’s nonprofit called “Room to Read” has expanded to 6 countries in South and Southeast Asia, built 197 schools, established over 2,565 libraries, published 77 new local language children’s titles representing over 600,000 books, donated over 1.1 million English language children’s books, established 60 computer labs and 25 language labs, and provided funding over 1,757 long-term scholarships for girls. It is a “call to action,” because in the book Wood tells the quite inspirational story of why and how he founded and grew the organization. And he describes how much more fulfilling the work he is doing now (for no money) is than the work he used to do for Microsoft making a salary anyone but Bill Gates would have envied. Peppered with amusing anecdotes from fundraising events and stories about the children Room to Read’s efforts have helped, the book will be not only a must-read for any nonprofit professional, but also an inspiration to anyone wanting to lead a more satisfying life. To boot, it’s entertaining and plain fun to read about Wood’s adventures along the way. (I just read the manuscript. And no, I am not related to Wood!) Room to Read’s website is roomtoread.org for further info about the organization.