It Ain’t Easy Being Tom (Peters)

Uber-consultant Tom Peters’ blog is always eclectic and entertaining reading, especially when he is on a long road trip and reflecting back what he sees, thinks, and feels. Even the usually tireless Tom, however, sometimes runs out of energy and wishes he wasn’t on a 45 day, 22 lecture lap of the Earth, as this heartfelt post makes clear:

Don’t let me mislead you or inflate my successes. Sometimes none of these tactics work worth a damn. I find myself in a shitty mood all day long, growl and scowl at one and all, can’t imagine my lecture making the slightest difference to anyone, am certain that I am wrong about everything, and wonder why I’m pissing away my life collecting frequent flyer miles I have no time to use. On the other hand, there are less of those days than there used to be. Including today.


  1. Sounds like a typical company founder.
    I think all entrepreners feel like that.