Google Uber Alles

Pace Jeremy over at Yahoo, here is a graphical view of my search site referrer logs for October (i.e., what percentage of my referrer traffic comes from which search site). Google is so far out in front of the other search tools that it is, or should be, embarassing.

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  1. October Web Search Referral Statistics

    I was looking at some updated stats for my web site and decided to plug the numbers into Excel so that I could more easily visualize the relationships. The chart below is one of several I produced. It shows the percentage of search referrals I can attr…

  2. Statistics for The World 2 Come
    Search Engine Unique Reload Total Share
    Google 1,999 1,144 3,143 64.46%
    Yahoo 853 315 1,168 27.51%,engine,,,,world2

  3. Adam says:

    I’m curious…there are no blog search engines on your list. Is that an artifact of what your analysis tool considers a search engine, or are the blog search engines not even hitting .07% of your hits?

  4. Paul K. says:

    Sadly, an artifact of what my analysis tool considers a search engine. And even more irritating, there is no apparent way to tell it that there are other search engines than the things that it thinks are search engines.

  5. Conor says:

    You’ve mentioned how you’re always the #1 or #2 link on Google for the keyword “greed,” but when I tried to search for “greed” on Yahoo you weren’t on the first page of results. Maybe this has something to do with it?