First Snow

As a transplanted Canadian living in La Jolla, California, I have to get my fix of the first snowfall of the year from Flickr. And there are some lovely shots already, like this one from a fellow in Colorado.

Where I’m from in Canada there would often be snow this early in the year, but it would never stay long. You could, in the space of twenty-four hours, get fall, winter, and spring, with a snowfall coming down, staying for a few hours, and then melting again. It presaged what would happen later when I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, where snow would stay on the ground only long enough to cause drivers to do slow-motion crashes on the nearby Yew Street hill.


  1. Ah, Renfrew. A lovely part of the world — not far from another beautiful spot I call home in the summertime:,-77.321434&spn=0.073182,0.204826&hl=en
    Not a bad golf course in Renfrew either.

  2. Something weird happens when Canadians cross the border. They start to miss things things which don’t really deserve it, like Molson Canadian and snow. My wife (from Carleton Place) says ‘get over it’.

  3. Funny you should say that. I just had someone else from The Real Valley (the Ottawa Valley, of course) email me saying the same thing.

  4. Sorry, Paul. It’s only just started approaching 0 c at night, and we just had our first frost. Rain is forecast for the next few nights, so maybe we’ll get some flakes.
    That said, I know winter is approaching when the
    Rideau Canal is drained in preparation for the skating season. The Hookers’ beaver tails huts went in this weekend.
    Colin, Ottawa

  5. Matthew — Renfrew is a lovely place indeed, but the truth needs to be told: In the summertime the region has mosquitoes the size of house cats. I sometime used to hear them come thumping against my bedroom window, like suicidal pets being hurled by medieval assault engines. Terrifying.

    Wrt the Renfrew Golf Club … it is a nice club. Mind you, I’m horribly biased, having played many (many) rounds there, and having spent 3-4 summers through high scholl working there on course maintenance. Then again, I played there a couple of times this summer and it was in wonderful shape.