Cramer, Cartoons, and Cats

Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure, it’s full of hystrionics and hyperbole, but it’s also engaging and genuinely interesting, like a cross between Cops, the movie Network, and a Japanese anime cartoon, all with an investments overlay.

Anyway, I got to thinking about it the other day when I realized that it’s the only non-cartoon, non-Animal Planet show my four-year-old will watch. He literally stops cold in the middle of the room when Cramer comes on. When I mentioned that to someone else this morning they said that the same thing happens to their cat.

obDisclosure: I write a weekly column (Weekend Reading, every Sunday) for the Cramer-created RealMoney/TheStreet.


  1. Bostoniangirl says:

    Do you ever watch Cops? How can you stand it? I recoil in horror, briefly before rushing forward to turn off the television, whenever it comes on. I think it’s done more to undermine civil liberties in this country than any other group.

  2. I don’t disagree. Wasn’t saying I was a fan of Cops, just that Cramer’s cinema verite, fast-moving camera style of things reminded me (albeit technically) of Cops. Same hyper-fluidic stuff.

  3. I saw this show for the first time last week. I watched about five minutes and it was too much. I was tempted to watch more in the perverse hope the hosts head would explode or something, but that was far too unlikely.

  4. Mad Money is The Tonight Show for Wall Street traders. Hilarious to be sure. Some interesting nuggets to learn from time to time. Very enjoyable.

  5. I usually like Cramer, but I stopped watching. Too much shouting about Argentinian concrete producers. I’ve got to think the ratings start to slide without somebody for cramer to interact with.

  6. Good point … and my understanding is that Cramer is going to soon have someone else to interact with on the show.

  7. Cramer is the Captain Kangaroo of our times.
    He should do a Q&A segment for kids (and adults) on market topics, and announce listeners’ b-days. “Becky e-mailed her photo in. She’s 6 years old today”.
    Capitalists aren’t born, ya know!