Blodget the Blogger

Oh-oh, Henry’s back — and he’s blogging. Ex-analyst Henry Blodget now has a blog, Internet Outsider, where he says he is planning to do “informal analysis of Internet companies, stocks, finance, trends, and third-party research”. While I’ve beefed about Henry many times in the past, there is no denying he is a smart and felicitous writer, so I’m happy to see him in the blog-o-sphere.

The IO site is seemingly an offshoot of Henry’s Cherry Hill Research outfit (are there more people than Henry at Cherry Hill?), and reinforcing that is that in the first few postings Henry links to his analysis of how Microsoft has lost the web war. While the piece is okay, if a bit 1998–ish — Microsoft is irreparably behind on the web, and it should sell MSN to be combined with AOL — I admittedly jumped quickly to the Cherry Hill disclaimers:

In 2003, our president and publisher, Henry Blodget, was party to a securities-industry regulatory complaint about conflicts of interest between the research and investment banking divisions of Wall Street firms. Specifically, the SEC and other regulators alleged that, while Henry was a stock analyst, he and his firm published reports that were inconsistent with some remarks made in emails. Henry participated in the “global settlement” of the complaint: without admitting or denying the allegations, he agreed to a fine and prohibition against working in the securities industry. (For more detail, please see ).

Henry is smart enough to realize that most first-time readers will scan the disclaimers in any piece that he writes, so he has filled them up with all sorts of light-hearted chuckling about the troubles with being Henry. Fine, but does anyone subscribe to this Cherry Hill stuff for money? If there are any institutional investors out there that do, I’d happily hear.


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