Articulate Stem Cells

I was looking tonight at the program for the upcoming ThinkEquity investment conference in Half Moon Bay, and I came across the following description for one of the presenters:

Davis Schaffer, Assistant Professor & Articulate Stem Cell QB3 researcher at University of California, Berkeley [Emphasis mine]

While I’m admittedly not up on all the latest stem cell research, I’m reasonably sure there is no such thing as an “articulate stem cell”. There are totipotent, pluripotent, and monopotent stem cells, and all sorts of other stem cell variants, but I can’t say I have ever come across “articulate” as a type of stem cell before.

So, here’s my guess: Someone wrote very early on that this Davis Schaffer fellow was an articulate stem cell researcher, meaning that he is understandable on the subject of stem cells. The obscurantist jargon-filled world of biotechnology being what it is, conference organizers just left the word “articulate” in there, assuming that, you know, it’s some biotech thing. Lovely.


  1. dilbert dogbert says:

    Yikes, HMB! Yesterday I was sailing my small boat in the harbor, wonderful day by the way, and apre sailing was talking to a friend about advances in stem cell applications to heart damage. I was blown away by what I heard. Now if these advances could be sucessfully applied to Alzhiemers and prostate cancer.

  2. Also notable is that Davis Schaffer’s actual name is David Schaffer.

  3. Yikes, I didn’t catch the double error. Maybe we should all have our conference registrations comped to us ..