App Idea: Google Maps for Recreation

Here is an app I’d like to see: Google maps for recreation. Whether I’m biking, running, blading, or other, I’m often stuck trying to figure out the optimal route from A to B, or wondering whether there are any good bike trails or circuits nearby that I can use. I’d like a Google maps-a-like that told me what the fastest trail-centric route is from A to my destination. I’d also like the app to find me good exercise trails too if I give it a starting point, desired length, difficulty, and so on.

Before people write me telling me about it, I know about the Gmaps Pedometer. It’s fine and useful thing, a good way to figure out how far it is from here to there, whether running or biking, but it doesn’t know anything about bike paths or similar. For example, near here in La Jolla I have used Gmaps Pedometer to figure out distance along some urban canyon trails that I like, but you have to know there are trails there to do it.


  1. I think you’d be interested in this company:
    News is they sold out to Garmin (via Ogle Earth:; Yahoo or Google would have been much better buyers.