Two Descriptions of Los Angeles

As someone who spends a good chunk of time close enough to Los Angeles to know I don’t want to be closer, here are two (non-Didion) recent descriptions of that city I’ve liked:

Los Angeles, as I have stated elsewhere, is a city that might have been designed by eighth grade girls. It favors quick satisfaction and temporary interests: hamburgers and pink stucco, boy singers of fleeting reputation and illusory talent, overwrought Dr. Seuss blossoms as big as a gramophone’s trumpet, drugs that cost a week’s salary and disappear within 20 minutes. [From Wit of the Staircase]

My standard line for Alaska is that the place needs a paint job and a vacuuming.  [Los Angeles] needed a power wash.  At one point, the unambiguous smell of shit overwhelmed me. [From Brad Feld]