The TimesSelect Death Pool

David Card wants to start a pool on how long it takes before the N.Y. Times takes down its imminent subscription-only barriers for columnists Rich, Dowd, Krugman, etc. As Card implies, removing said columnists from the blog-o-sphere opinionating pool, which is what making them for-pay only will do, is almost certainly the wrong move.

… shall we start the countdown for how long this lasts till the Timesmen (and women) demand to be set free so they can continue to participate in the online blogger-commentariat fray? Or perhaps an office pool is in order?

If you want to have an influence in opionioneering you have to be in the fray, and cutting a columnist’s readershuip by 80% is not the way to do it.


  1. Well, the great thing about the internet is that once a website decides that they want to start charging a fee, you just delete that site from your favorites and go to one of any other millions of websites. Who wants to pay to read Krugman, for goodness sakes?!

  2. dilbert dogbert says:

    Krugman is the only one of the Times columnists I would pay to read. However there are several sites that offer him for free as well as his own site.
    The LA Times tried this IIRC and stopped it quickly.
    Not much in the LA Times I want to read anyway. The Sacto Bee is the only paper that covers Cal state government so that is the one I go to for state news and politics.