The Economic Significance of Pale Yellow

Roaring Penguin has a nice, apparently monthly, list of the top 10 spam tokens and word pairs each month. August’s list — headed, interestingly enough, by the HTML code for pale yellow — should look familiar to most of you:

    1. ffffd5
    2. Wavefrt
    3. Cialis
    4. Tadalafil
    5. edit1
    6. go-button-software
    7. display-variation
    8. eyebrow-upper-left-corner
    9. B0000AZJVC
    10. ight-topnav-default-2

It’s arguably true that this list should be more economically significant than the search Zeitgeist promoted by Google. After all, these words are what spammers think people will pay for, while Google’s list is merely what people are curious about.