Suitcases with Auto-Closed Indicators

Speaking from frequent and painful experience, I like roller-bags, but there needs to be a way to tell whether the thing is zipped closed or not. Unlike most suitcases, the first thing you do with such things when you’re ready to go is tip them up on end, which causes calamitous piles of clothes if you haven’t zipped the damn thing up yet. Why isn’t there some kind of green/red indicator on top to tell you that the roller-bag is zipped closed?


  1. At the risk of being unkind, I think if this happens more than once you’re falling foul of that law about repeating behaviors expecting different outcomes. Which reminds me, Meeker’s back…

  2. Personally, I think the zipper indicator is much too complex. It would be easier just to design the suitcase so you don’t have to tip it on its side…
    Just change the roller handle to come off one of the sides when it is lying flat (might require a more cubic suitcase or one where half flips over onto the other half). This has the additional advantage of providing a more stable platform (all available evidence points to the fact that suitcase designers have no concept of moments of inertia).
    Just a thought.