Nick Denton, Bathwater Scooter Rider

The New York Observer has a lengthy profile of Gawker Media guy Nick Denton, ringmaster for 14 blog sites, including such well known ones as Gawker, Defamer, Wonkette, Engadget, and Fleshbot. Among other things, we learn that some staffers are now making print-style salaries, that Denton prefers IM interviews to meatspace ones, and that he was more enthusiastic about Blogger in the early days than the company’s own founders were.

A brilliant marketing guy, however, Nick still protests attention-gettingly about all the interest in the financial of Gawker Media:

“I do find bizarre the level of interest in the finances of a private company,” Mr. Denton instant-messaged. “A small private company …. Without an office, even.”
In his humility, Mr. Denton sounded like a man cruising the Jersey Turnpike on a motor scooter that appears to run on bathwater: Why are you interested in my little scooter? It doesn’t carry anywhere near as many people as your gasoline-powered S.U.V.


  1. I love it! My little scooter!

  2. Just for the record: Engadget is part of Weblogs Inc; Gizmodo is Gawker Media’s gadget blog. (Not that I have anything to do with either.)
    BTW, great blog!