It’s Not Often I Agree with Fast Company, But …

It’s not often I agree with Fast Company, but David Lidsky nails it in this post about the launch today of the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition:

Weekend (Yawwwn) Journal (Yawwwn) Debuts, Disappoints

If you’ve seen or heard any media in the last couple of months, I imagine that’s it’s not news that the Wall Street Journal launched a Saturday edition today.

…Here’s why the Journal’s Saturday paper is dead on arrival: There are no surprises whatsoever. At least at this point, there’s no evidence of a single fresh idea, or even the deft execution of a well-worn chestnut of an idea. It’s a focus-grouped, advertiser-friendly confection with nothing that I can’t get in hundreds of other venues.

What the Journal seems to have fallen victim to is the kind of insular thinking that kills so many entrenched enterprises: It seems to believe that there’s value in the information being delivered by the Wall Street Journal, as if that were enough to carry the day.