Is Dumbfind Dumb?

It’s possibly the dumbest name I’ve seen for a search engine, but newly-launched has at least one quasi-interesting idea. Rather than forcing people to figure out how to stratify their search results by topic using keywords — like Churchill said about golf, you’re using implements ill-suited to the purpose — the tool has a second text entry box where you can enter topics directly.

Does it work? Try it for yourself and see, but at least someone is trying to fix the command-line craziness that has most search sites apparently thinking that the average user can stratify results by topic without assistance. Newsflash: They can’t.

The deeper question, however, is this: Does it matter? Probably not. Someone would have to come up with a fairly creative argument that an extra text box for topics constitutes a defensible search beach-head.

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  1. Peter Fryscak says:

    There is also, whose grouping algorithm can be helpful.

  2. Chris Seline says:

    All teoma does is suggest phrases for you to add to your search, they are still standard searches. Stay tuned to Dumbfind, 2 search boxes is just the beginning.