Is Dumbfind Dumb?

It’s possibly the dumbest name I’ve seen for a search engine, but newly-launched has at least one quasi-interesting idea. Rather than forcing people to figure out how to stratify their search results by topic using keywords — like Churchill said about golf, you’re using implements ill-suited to the purpose — the tool has a second text entry box where you can enter topics directly.

Does it work? Try it for yourself and see, but at least someone is trying to fix the command-line craziness that has most search sites apparently thinking that the average user can stratify results by topic without assistance. Newsflash: They can’t.

The deeper question, however, is this: Does it matter? Probably not. Someone would have to come up with a fairly creative argument that an extra text box for topics constitutes a defensible search beach-head.


  1. Peter Fryscak says:

    There is also, whose grouping algorithm can be helpful.

  2. All teoma does is suggest phrases for you to add to your search, they are still standard searches. Stay tuned to Dumbfind, 2 search boxes is just the beginning.