EVDB ==> Eventful

While I’m an unapologetic fan of four-letter acronyms, it’s nice to see that event service/database EVDB now has a name for its people-facing aspect that won’t scare innocent bystanders so much: Eventful.

Hey Brian, not that you asked, but I like it.


  1. Hey, thanks! The whole team worked like crazed beavers to get the new site out, so we’re really glad you like it. Please do check out the new search features, the all-new social networking, and the brand-new levels of privacy on everything from calendars to venues. And the spiffy new sticker for adding events to your blog.
    Once you have, please please please let us know what you like (and especially what you don’t). We’re still working like crazed beavers on that next rev…
    Oh, and we like our four-letter acronym, too. So easy to type, so hard to say on the phone. :)
    ~chris (of EVDB)