eBay, Skype, and the Cleveland Indians

Judging by Pip Coburn’s comments in Waypoint 3.0 this week, he is as puzzled as I am by the eBay/Skype deal:

So what was eBay thinking? Here are some options: 

  • Option 1: eBay was goaded into the Skype deal, and more and more folks will certainly use Skype for international calls, but eventually Skype will be seen as valueless in its own right, but nonetheless as an important piece to control on the board….
  • Option 2: eBay is a bit confused at the moment, and is looking for a new spark to their enterprise and cost became a secondary consideration to excitement.…
  • Option 3: eBay felt forced to respond to the VoIP positioning of the other major internet players… and didn’t think it could develop its own quickly, and didn’t want to pay just a little money as Microsoft did for Teleo but preferred to pay a lot for the headline-grabber Skype.
  • Option 4: eBay was on the wrong end of a trade crafted thru a monumental campaign — by a company that is “not for sale” but was seemingly being shopped around to everyone on the block if the leaks in the general press were on target — and therefore no one really really knows why in the world the price tag is $4.1 billion as opposed to some other number, since no metric allowed you to get much north of zero in and of itself as far as my small eyes can see. Sorry for the run-on sentence.
  • Option 5: The deal was just plain brilliant…. and I just don’t “get it.”
  • Option 6: The Cleveland Indians will win the World Series.