So, Two Chimps Walk Into CalPERS …

I’m entertained by the chimp talk about venture capital breaking out everywhere. (Sequoia’s Mike Moritz recently was quoted as saying that even a chimpanzee could raise a $100mm venture fund.) Not surprisingly, Mike’s comment has people alternately turning tickled, defensive, and expository (read comments at SiliconBeat for samples).

But were is what I really want to know: Given enough chimpanzees, capital, and time, could we fund all the next Web 2.0 companies? There is the sort of philosophical question worth answering.

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  1. Jeff Clavier says:

    Well, it does not take that many chimps (who sit on a $100M fund) to fund a bunch of Web 2.0 companies given their capital requirements.
    How many banana do you have to eat per day to qualify as a chimp that could raise $100M ?

  2. dorrian says:

    i have to say that every time i see the title in my reader i laugh