So, Two Chimps Walk Into CalPERS …

I’m entertained by the chimp talk about venture capital breaking out everywhere. (Sequoia’s Mike Moritz recently was quoted as saying that even a chimpanzee could raise a $100mm venture fund.) Not surprisingly, Mike’s comment has people alternately turning tickled, defensive, and expository (read comments at SiliconBeat for samples).

But were is what I really want to know: Given enough chimpanzees, capital, and time, could we fund all the next Web 2.0 companies? There is the sort of philosophical question worth answering.


  1. Well, it does not take that many chimps (who sit on a $100M fund) to fund a bunch of Web 2.0 companies given their capital requirements.
    How many banana do you have to eat per day to qualify as a chimp that could raise $100M ?

  2. i have to say that every time i see the title in my reader i laugh