Any Podcasters Want $1-million?

Are there any podcasters out there looking to make big bucks broadcasting for real? A local San Diego station wants to put together a new morning show that redefines the genre, and they are offering a five-year $1–million a year contract to the person selected.

Why podcasters? Well, the people at 100.7 JackFM are opening up the contest to just about anyone who wants to send in a demo of their ready-for-radio chops. People with no traditional on-air experience are apparently not only fine, they are encouraged — “Experience may be an advantage or may be a disadvantage” — just do something new, creative, etc.

There must be some podcasters out there who would jump at this. So, go get it.


  1. I’m reminded of Don and Mike (Don Geronamo and Mike O’Meara) who used to broadcast a ‘morning zoo’ program in D.C. – and are now syndicated. Loudmouth calls up and tells them they have the easiest job in the world, anyone could do it so .. they give the caller a minute of airtime to fill up. His big shot at fame.
    Longest most painful minute of radio you’ll ever hear. Everytime.

  2. No doubt. Having hosted a tiny amount of radio back in college, as well as intermittently hosting a television program on public television in California, I can say from experience that it is way, way, way tougher than it looks to host such things. People have no idea.