“You Politically Illiterate Political Dwarf!”

There is a fascinating archive of searchable North Korean propaganda available here. For those of you, like me, who love the bizarro cult-ish character of such stuff, with its over-stuffed prose and Python-inspired fondness for multisyllabic insults, the site is a gold mine.

Highlights? I’m particularly fond of its random insult generator (“You politically illiterate political dwarf, you have glaringly revealed your true colours!”), and the Hall of Fame (especially the story about tearing down a wall that doesn’t exist).

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  1. Chris Anderson says:

    Great pointer to a brilliant site. But you might want to fix that second link.

  2. Absolutely Brilliant Mr. Kedrosky!
    I’ve been enjoying your blog but it’s a bit too much for a dumb mind as mine….I was trying to get your take on the Ipod Patent story and then I chanced upon this- hiralious!