Why Do People Care What VCs Say?

While it sometimes seem like venture bloggers have become members of the opinion-making chattering class, the truth is that most people don’t care what venture capitalists have to say on blogs. It only seems that way because a disproportionate number of such folks are blogging, and have been blogging for some time.

The above said, I don’t disagree with the points made here by Andrew Watson though, and he does amble across a few of the issues I have raised about venture-bloggers in the past. The only thing I would add to Andrew’s list, and one I haven’t mentioned before, is that many venture capitalists are faintly rankled at not being at the center of the show, so blogging is way of saying “Me! Me! Me!”.


  1. Thanks for the thoughts, Paul. It isn’t that I care what VCs say more than, say, CEOs or plumbers or lion-tamers. It’s that I suspect that VCs blog more than lion-tamers, etc., and that makes me wonder why.

  2. No, you make fair points Andrew, ones that I’ve mused about elsewhere. I just want to caution venture bloggers — some of whom are becoming preening and strangely self-important — that most people don’t actualyl care what they say. It just feels that way …