The Worst Travel Words in the World

When checking in for a flight: “There are only middle seats left, sir.”

[Update] A few entertaining variants are being posted in comments, plus I’m receiving others via email. A current favorite from BobZ:

…it gets worse if you here these words from one of the people you are sandwiched between, “Excuse me, I’m going to need a seat belt extender”.


  1. Perhaps you have not heard, “I’m sorry sir, there is just one seat left, a middle in row 37, next to the lavatory.” :)

  2. dan primack says:

    Worse than being in-flight and hearing a terse: “Flight attendants, please take your seats”?

  3. Okay, let’s say they’re the worst _pre-flight_ words in the world šŸ˜‰ Followed closely, of course, by, “Boarding will be delayed slightly, as we have mechanics on board. We expect they should be finished shortly.”

  4. I really don’t care for “there are just a few planes ahead of us on the tarmack”

  5. My personal worst:
    “Our overhead bins are full. We’re going to have to check your bag.”