The Startup Virus is Running Wild

Nivi has noticed something remarkable on Craigslist:

I  was recently looking through craigslist’s Bay Area computer gigs for engineers on a project I am working on (codename: Ninja). And I was blown away by the number of people who are looking for co-founders for their burgeoning startups on craigslist. They are not looking for engineers to build out their team, they are literally looking for co-founders!

Here are five random posts from the just the last few days.

looking for co-founder – Social network startup

Looking for a technical partner to start a web-startup

Entrepreneur is looking for a technical leader/ CTO

Seeking Developers to create Killer 3g Application

Startup co-founder wanted, eBay services startup

Of course, the markets for these startups are quite large:

“The opportunity is a one-in-a-lifetime, the market is estimated at over 50 million potential users and this company may grow into a multi-billion $ corporation very fast.”

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