Starting Stealthy Seattle Startups by the Seashore

Apparently Seattle-ites are just as fond of stealth startups as the sneaky boys and girls down here in California:

Venture Capital: Startups are coming back — quietly


Here’s a sign that Seattle’s startup community is back on track. A number of well-known technology entrepreneurs are quietly operating in “stealth mode” — keeping a low profile and purposely hiding details of their business plans.

The latest to cross my desk is Bellevue-based Webaroo, which was founded by Silicon Valley veterans Rakesh Mathur, Brad Husick and Beerud Sheth.

Webaroo — nebulously described on its Web site as bringing a “breakthrough capability to your mobile world” — is hardly the only one operating in stealth. Other Seattle-area startups — including Djinnisys, Farecast, Pipestone, Second Act Partners and Zillow — are keeping tight wraps on what they do.

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