Skype Uber Alles

Good piece in Bloomberg Markets magazine on Niklas Zennstrom’s industry-spanning ambitions for voice message software Skype. At least as interesting, for me anyway, are some of the uses to which Skype is being put, from hedge fund squawk boxes on out. I also liked CEO Zennstrom’s demurral on commenting whether (private) Skype is currently profitable:

“I don’t release any financials unless I have to,” says Zennstrom…


  1. The funniest parts of the article are the quotes from the strategy MBAs at the telcos and AOL downplaying skype and implying that they have a clue of what to do in this market…
    I wonder what they’ll think when Google launches Google phone? Will they still be smug on the sidelines watching the paint dry?

  2. Interesting. I wonder if Skype is in play.