Random Notes

Running around like a mad thing today — including a fascinating breakfast discussion about developments in contact lens technology — but here a few articles I’ve been reading that others may found interesting:

Tim Draper as Gonzo VC
I don’t disagree that the venture market can tolerate a few Batman-suit-wearing, sing-at-LP-meeting venture guys, but too many would-be Tims don’t get that Draper actually does know what he is doing.

The Optical Components Market is Coming Back to Life
While ordinarily I wouldn’t be all that interested by the financing of a single component company, I am a fan of the very smart folks at Tallwood, so this is worth noting.

Self-Organization in Networks
What is the sensor-network equivalent of dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) protocol?

Hype and IP Telephony
Internet telephony is far less important in reality (less than half a percent of total U.S. telephone subscribers) than it is in the media. When and how is that going to change?