NYSE Seat Sale Prices: 1910-2005

Given yesterday’s record (in current dollars) $3-million sale of a New York Stock Exchange seat, I thought it would be interesting to show readers my own chart of inflation-adjusted historical NYSE prices. I average the prices for each year, and then bring it all to 2005 dollars. As you can see, we haven’t yet returned to boom time levels, now are we anywhere near where NYSE seats changed hands back in the early 1930s:


  1. Nice chart; I wish you had log scaled the seat prices as well though.

  2. Ugly Picks

    Good morning, my name is Ugly, and I am a loser. I have it in me to do serious financial damage to my account. Dear Diary, QSII did nicely today after its earnings news. It is a solid looking stock….

  3. Am I misreading something? $3m in current dollars looks pretty “boomy” to me, tied for the second highest price in real terms.