No Cell Phones Please. This is the Valley

Jeff Nolan asks a question that occurs to me every time I’m up in the Valley for meetings:

How is it that the Silicon Valley has the worst damned cell coverage of any major metro area?

And the most bizarre thing? Why is that coverage seemingly gets so much worse the closer you get to Stanford and to upper Sand Hill Road? I kid you not, but I had one venture guy sincerely say that it had to with the proximity to SLAC. Yeesh.


  1. People with expensive properties don’t like defacing them with such things as cell antennas. Often this includes institutions like schools and universities.
    Same problem in many areas of Pacific Pallisades, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Brentwood. Property owners don’t need the cell companies’ money, don’t want the ugly towers, and in many cases organize against them because of (rightly or wrongly) perceived dangers from close-by exposure to microwaves.