Nick’s Feeddemon Gets Nice Barron’s Mention

Nick Bradbury’s Feeddemon — my longstanding RSS aggregator of choice — gets a nice mention in this weekend’s Barron’s. Writer Theresa Carey (who does most of Barron’s “software & sites for investors” stuff) covers feed aggregators, saying that they beat the heck out of “2004” technology like Google news alerts, but are still generally too hard to use — other than Nick’s tool.

[Update] In a prior version of this post I called “Feeddemon” the wrong name. It was that other service that starts with “Feed …”. Argh, blame Nivi.


  1. I can see that I have had a real positive impact on your thinking when you start confusing Feedburner and Feeddemon (see the title of this article).

  2. Argh … yes, and I say as much in an update of the above post 😉

  3. Thanks for the link to that article, Paul – nice to see FeedDemon mentioned so favorable. Trust me, you’re not the first one to refer to FeedDemon as “FeedBurner” :)