MySpace Matters More than MTV

There is a good overview of MySpace in today’s N.Y. Times (where were the reporters when MySpace was growing explosively over the last two years?). The most interesting part, at least to me, was the closing discussion about the effect of MySpace on music and MTV:

[MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson] said that as he meets with bands to sign up for the new [MySpace recording] label, he keeps hearing the same question: “How are you going to get me on MTV?”

“They don’t quite get it, and I’m only starting to get it myself,” Mr. Anderson said. “We’ve got our 26 million [visitors], with a lot more people logging in each day.”

He added, with a shrug, “It’s kind of like, who cares about MTV anymore?”


  1. I’m a little skeptical of ‘who cares about MTV anymore’.
    Mark Cuban wrote a very interesting post on ‘the path of least resistance’, and in most situations TV is still the path of least resistance.
    Also, what percentage of the 26 million actually go to myspace for their music needs – it might be built around music – however a significant portion of people use it for dating only.
    I guess time will tell if it’s hubris or a new reality.