Murdoch is Set to Buy a Search Company

According to an AP story tonight, Rupert Murdoch (via his News Corp.) is set to aggressively expand his Internet presence. In particular, he will follow up his recent MySpace acquisition with the imminent announcement of controlling interest in an online search company.

So, which one is it? Controlling interest in Google or Yahoo is out of the question — too much money — and it’s unlikely he is out to extract Ask Jeeves from IAC/InterActive. What does that leave? A hodge-podge of smaller fry, relatively few of which are publicly-traded — which won’t prevent people from running up the stocks tomorrow of the ones that are.


  1. not sure. he’s topticking it, like he did in ’99. Either way Newscorp is in trouble though.

  2. Egor says :: Ochman + Kedrosky = Technorati to be purchased by Murdoch

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  3. Update – Technorati (being Acquired?)

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  4. Hmmm…could this be related to this (

  5. Murdoch will buy which has a mkt cap of 103 million and has an alexa rank of 302…all the rest are way down, except, but he won’t pay 700 million plus.