Jeff Matthews is On A Roll

The mordant Jeff Matthews is on a roll concering Patrick Byrne and the bizarre story:

Did I stutter? Did I stutter or did I say I was going to take this fight to you? Well now you know what I meant. And lastly, the man I’ve identified here as the Sith Lord of this stuff I just say, you know who you are and I hope that this is worth it, because if the feds catch you again, this time they’re going to bury you under the prison. And I’m going to enjoy helping.

Those are the words of Doctor Patrick M. Byrne, Chairman and CEO of, reprinted straight out of the conference call transcript announcing a lawsuit against short-sellers.

“Squeeze me?” and “Sith Lord” and “Stinger missiles” and all.

For first-time readers, is a money-losing, internet-based enterprise whose stock is currently recommended as a “BUY” by Legg Mason analyst Scott Devitt and W.R. Hambrecht & Co. analyst Craig Bibb.

Nobody can make that up.

On a related note, the full conference call transcript from last Friday’s deliriously nutty Byrne affair is available here.


  1. I’m surprised that he kept his weird conference call available and even more surprised that he provided a transcript.
    I like Mark Cuban’s take:
    Below are quotes from Cuban’s site.
    :::Never before in the history of Wall Street has a single conference call mentioned the following topics:
    Miscreants, an unnamed Sith Lord he hopes the feds will bury under a prison, gay bath houses, whether he is gay, does cocaine, both or neither, and an obligatory, not that there is anything wrong with that, phone taps, phone lines misdirected to Mexico, arrested reporters, payoffs, conspiracies, crooks, egomaniacs, fools, paranoia, which newspapers are shills and for who, payoffs, money laundering, his Irish temper, false identities, threats, intimidation, and private investigators. All in 61 minutes.:::
    :::In the interest of disclosure, I am short 10k shares of OSTK. I want to be short more, however the stock is impossible to borrow, the puts are expensive and it’s hard to get any volume off and I don’t know how to Naked Short a stock. If you or anyone you know has naked shorted a stock, or knows how or where I can,I would be curious to find out how it’s done, so please feel free to add it as a comment below.:::

  2. dilbert dogbert says:

    Thanks for the fun story.
    Reminds me of a re-run of the “Gilded Age” with “Robber Barons” and all that.