Hard Drive Prices are Going … Up?

As hard to believe as it might be in this perpetually downbound sector, hard drive prices in the low end of the storage business (80mb) have newly been going up. From my (proprietary, ahem) data on hard-drive prices:

Average 80GB drive is $53.46 on 08/03/2005
1 day $0.37 (0.7%)
1 week $0.83 (1.6%)
1 month $1.43 (2.7%)


  1. no use tracking the absolute price of a given price… as bigger HDs become standard, less and less 80 gb disks are being produces, thus prices go up because some big customers need the exact same model over a specific time period.
    a better way would be to track the average price per gb, always using middle size disks (atm, 160 gb).

  2. oops: …absolute price of a given SIZE HD…

  3. Agreed, that is interesting data too, but it is different data for a slightly different purpose. One tells you what is happening to the price of storage on a semi-absolute basis, the other tells you what is happening to vendors’ products at different price-points.

  4. Another factor is that this is probably a high demand time of year for hard drives. The fiscal year just ended and funding is flowing more freely for IT departments. Employment is up, which equates to more computers on desks. In addition, the e-tailers are gearing up for the holiday season. All of these would tend to create more demand for hard drives. I’d speculate that you might see similar bumps around this time of year in past years.