Google Talk Walks Through Walls

Google Talk, an instant messaging VoIP application from Google, is apparently imminent. I haven’t seen it, but ignorance is not an obstacle to all members of the commentariat. Consider the following quotes from Think Equity analyst John Tinker in an L.A. Times piece late today.

First this:

“Like any big company, they’ve got a brand name, and they’ve got to keep extending it,” said John Tinker, an analyst with Think Equity Partners, who has not seen Google Talk. [Emphasis added]

And then this:

“There’s nothing revolutionary about it,” Tinker said of Google Talk, “but I don’t think that matters.” [Emphasis added]

Did you catch that? Mssr Tinker has not seen Google Talk, but, far-seeing and prescient fellow that he is, he is still able to confidently offer commentary. Hmmm, I have a paired yen/dollar trade I’m wondering if he can also help me with.

[Update] Funny, the story in the L.A. Times has changed since I read it yesterday and quoted Tinker’s comments. Where it used to directly quote him saying “There’s nothing revolutionary about it…”, the piece now paraphrases him instead, saying “Even if it doesn’t turn out to be revolutionary…”. Yo, Russ, where is the footnote saying your biz section article has changed?


  1. Did you miss-quote or did they change the story?
    ‘Even if Google Talk doesn’t turn out to be revolutionary, Tinker said, “I don’t think that matters.”‘

  2. An IM & VoIP client is not revolutionary. C’mon. And, way to mis-quote an analyst…out of a freakin news paper! Get the actual note and read the damn thing before you go ripping on the guy.

  3. You point out in your update one of the problems of journalism on the net. The stories are often not “locked” and can be changed without notification. If revisions were posted as updates (like what you just did) that would be additive to what print journalism can offer, but I have noticed several examples of such modifications.

  4. Michael Robinson says:

    Google talk is scary.
    Your Google talk ID is your GMail ID. If you log into Google talk, and add a new buddy to your buddy list, that person’s GMail information is automatically added to your GMail address book.
    They’ve integrating mail, IM, and VoIP into a unified experience around a unified identity. They’re doing it on open protocols and API’s.
    This is not the scary part. The scary part is that they’re just getting started.
    If you plot the Google technology trajectory forward a few years, you can see what they’re building is the network operating system that Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy were going on about back in the pre-bubble days.
    Google’s already giving away 2.5GB of ubiquitous Internet-attached personal storage. Think about it.
    Remember the Network Computer?
    It’s coming.