Google Finance, Coming Soon?

The plugged-in Matt Marshall at SiliconBeat says that next up for Google is … Google Finance:

Now that we have Google Talk, the whispering here in Silicon Valley is that Google hopes to launch Google Finance sometime in September. We haven’t confirmed this, but the word is that Google wants to replicate Yahoo Finance, but do it even better. It is in talks with data vendor Revere Data, a San Francisco company — which will provide the data and analytics on U.S. public companies for the service. Revere did not respond to multiple requests for comment yesterday. Google didn’t comment either….

This would come as no surprise, at least to me, and given its much more search-centric nature, would likely be far more interesting than the under-cooked and unexciting Google Talk.


  1. Hi Paul,
    You’re linking to, a link that isn’t active this morning (Paris time).
    Do you have more information than this post suggests or are you planning for the future? 😉
    PS- I agree Google Talk *is* pretty deceiving but then this very Googlesque in design (interface/technology/approach).

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  3. Google would so well to kind in mind that “extra Google something” in outdoing Yahoo: Technicals. They should balance the usual fundamental data with free technical information like this:
    these guys have a cool ticker too: