Foo Fighting & Scrabble with Omsblog

Om Malik highlights the childish foo(d)-fight over who gets to attend Foo Camp, the invite-only annual O’Reilly event this weekend in Sebastopol, California.

My take, as someone who is not attending Foo Camp, but who likes to think of himself as a friend of O’Reilly (the company and the founder), the Foo organizers (it’s not just Tim, people) are doing the right thing. As I say in a comment over on Om’s blog(1) the best part of O’Reilly conference is technology creators talking to technology creators in an environment with (historically) a lower concentration of venture folks, bankers, media, and service providers. Distilling that down to its essence in an invite-only rotating-invite event — Foo Camp — ain’t exactly evil.

(1) Question: How many words can you create from the scrabble letterset “omsblog”?
Answer: 43, with my favorite being “gobo” (a device for shielding microphones).


  1. here are some word suggestions
    moblogs, that would be bonus 50 points except moblog is not a word according to dictionary.
    mobs, bogs, gobs, gloom (and that would be a perfect description of me) and boom