Five Things to Know About Roger McNamee

I somehow missed this piece last week on venture investor, hedge fund guy, and garage band musician Roger McNamee. He is an investing anomaly, with a superior long-run record, and so it’s well worth reading:


1. He carries at least six phones, PDAs or other devices on his belt.

2. In one year — 1990 — he did 400 face-to-face meetings with companies.

3. He plays guitar in a band called the Flying Other Brothers.

4. For years he lived in Baltimore but spent at least 100 days in California, 60 of them at the Santa Clara Marriott.

5. Quote: “One of my secrets is, I’m not afraid to be wrong, so I lay out what I really think and people just pulverize it.”

As an aside on point 1 above, I’m still dumbfounded when I see how many phones/thingies McNamee wears. Here is what I said on this site a month ago after seeing him at Always-On at Stanford:

[Roger] sported four cell-phones on his right hip, which, at a distance, looked more than a little frightening, almost like a raygun of some kind. I had this vision of Roger getting four calls at once, then his molecules being disrupted, and all that would be left on the stage was a puddle of water and McNamee’s mullet.