Customers Talk. Do You Listen?

Nick Bradbury has a nice quote on how Apple’s opacity is an irritating throwback to a pre-blog world, one where transparency and clear communiticaton channels wasn’t as important as it is today.

Anyway, Nick’s example is built around how iTunes customers are using a product feature to smuggle feedback into an otherwise-oblivious Apple:

Customers are subverting the iMix feature in order to provide feedback to Apple – feedback which wouldn’t even be necessary if Apple just let everyone know that they’d love to offer bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin on iTunes, but they’re still haggling over the details with the record companies and/or their lawyers.

One way or another, customers will talk to you (and if that fails, they’ll talk about you instead).


  1. Hello Joe, talk to the hand
    “Pete Blackshaw scripts an insightful mock conversation between a call center representative and a customer evangelist. The conversation may be fake but the links to company web pages are real. It shows how some companies say they want to hear from customers, but not really.”
    Attention? I Don’t Want Your Freakin’ Attention!
    “Joe Consumer: Knock knock.
    Consumer Relations: Who’s there?
    Joe Consumer: Joe Consumer. I have feedback!
    Consumer Relations: Have you checked our FAQ?”

  2. nitpicker says:

    Yep, nothing beats “clear communiticaton” :-)