Blog Tools as Disruptive CMS Innovation

More and more people are finally coming to the view that blog tools represent a disruptive innovation in the content management software market. While Interwoven et al., haven’t been standout performers for some time, this is a good reminder of why that is unlikely to change any time soon:

Blog tools tackle content management
Six Apart, NetWin introduce enterprise blogging features

By  Cathleen Moore
August 26, 2005

Deploying a full-blown ECM (enterprise content management) system to address basic corporate content publishing and workflow needs has been likened to trying to kill a fly with a rocket launcher. A more suitable solution may lie in souped-up blogging tools, which by design simplify content publishing.

Speaking at the Blog Business Summit earlier this month, DL Byron, principal at TexturaDesign, a blog design and consulting company, said blogging tools are very effective ECM systems in certain environments.

“What is happening on corporate sites is companies are looking at blogging tools as an alternative to [Microsoft’s (Profile, Products, Articles)] SharePoint, especially when they combine a blog engine with a wiki,” Byron said.

New business blog tools include Version 3.2 of Six Apart’s Movable Type, rolled out earlier this week, and SurgeBlog 1.0, an enterprise-class blog server being released next week by newcomer NetWin.