Bill Gross, Re-loaded (Again)

The return of Bill Gross has been heralded for so long that it sometimes starts to feel like Randall Stross’s wonderful story about how journalist kept calling Steve’s Jobs company Next a “startup” six years after the company was founded. Hey, isn’t a free pass when in lazy pursuit of a story a wonderful thing?

Anyway, it’s Fortune heralding the return of Bill this time:

Idealab Reloaded
Surprise! Ex-dot-com-wizard Bill Gross is back.
By Nadira A. Hira

Bill Gross hurries across the roof and up a flight of flimsy metal stairs. He’s talking a mile a minute, showing off a five-foot-wide solar collector that’s taking in the rays on this blinding Pasadena afternoon. “So this has a whole bunch of individual mirrors that all attract the sun and shine on that receiver up on top. And because there’s 25 mirrors shining on that, it puts out 25 times as much power. And because it puts out 25 times as much power, it’s $300, a lot cheaper than a traditional solar panel at $1,200.” These solar “sunflowers” are being tested by Energy Innovations, a five-year-old subsidiary of Gross’s Idealab, which hopes to get them to market this year.



  1. I was confused for a minute – I thought you were talking about PIMCO’s Bill Gross. I didn’t think he went anywhere to begin with!