Barron’s Mentions Infectious Greed

I should have mentioned this sooner, but I’m too darn bashful to toot my own horn. Anyway, check for a mention of this site (Thanks Mark!) about mid-way through the following piece from Barron’s this past weekend. [Ed.: I’m not a UC San Diego business school professor, but hey, I have an office on UCSD campus, so close enough, right?)

Financial Blogs
They Said What?


NOTHING’S HOTTER THAN BLOGGING. The Website now tracks more than 14 million blogs. Eric J. Savitz asks: What blogs should investors read?

Bill Burnham

Blogger,; former sell-side analyst; now managing director, Celsius Capital

“I really like the blogs put out by David Jackson in New York, including,, and Good, factual data, with straight-forward, intelligent commentary.”

Jeff Matthews

Blogger,; hedge fund manager, RAM Partners

“I honestly don’t read any blogs. I find them either too chatty and trader-oriented, or not updated enough. I prefer blogs by corporate guys who run companies.”

Mark Cuban

Blogger,, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and technology investor

“I read two of them, Jeff Matthews’ blog and Infectious Greed [written by UC-San Diego business school professor Paul Kedrosky,].” [Emphasis added]

Joseph Weisenthal

Blogger at, and buy-side analyst at a money-management firm

“I like James Picerno’s Capital Spectator ( For intelligent analysis of bonds, oil, and the economy, it’s the best out there.”

David Hornik

Blogger at; partner, August Capital; director Six Apart, a blog software company

“Why read one blog when you can read them all? When I set up a watch list on or use the “search feed” feature in Bloglines, my RSS reader, I am notified every time any blog makes reference to a specified set of search terms.”