Akamai’s Realtime News Consumption Thingie

Akamai’s new realtime news consumption thingie is interesting, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what good it is. When I first loaded it global news traffic was 1% below normal, and now it has fallen to 4% below normal. What does that mean?

Granted, I can see how major events would cause news traffic spikes, but couldn’t I know the same thing by just looking at Google News, or the front page of CNN.com?

The more I scan it, the more I think what is most remarkable about news consumption is how unremarkable it is. The patterns show spooky consistency from day to day, with the daily peaks and troughs more or less falling in lockstep, with the rare exception of events like the London bombs.

What would be more interesting? I’m not sure, maybe something that drilled right down to the level of stories, so we could see patterns in how financial news was consumed in the morning by eager traders, or how entertainment & sports stories rose later as people surfed idly during work. I would even love to see story headlines flashing by in realtime as they are consumed, like some super-newswire, but I’m guessing that’s not in the cards.


  1. Maybe they are like Microsoft and takes them three (or more) versions to get it right.