Whither WinZip? Part Deux

Way back in January of this year I pondered on this site what was up at WinZip. I had spotted a puzzling Dow Jones story alluding to $15mm in secured notes bought by Vector Capital in support of a deal to buy the compression software company, but there was no “official” announcement at the time from either WinZip or from Vector. Yesterday, however, Vector announced that it had bought WinZip Computing “earlier this year”, and the tech media are dutifully falling into line and reporting the “news”.

So here is what I find baffling: It’s apparently news now, six months after the acquisition, but it wasn’t news back when the acquisition actually happened. Do technology media actually have to be led by the hand in financial stories and told “This is news”? Yeesh.


  1. ARS Technica has great article titled “Pay for WinZip? That’ll be the day… ”
    Pretty much sums up my feeling.
    Remember those CDRoms they send around loaded with shareware? Only a matter of time before they start sending CDRoms filled with opensource utilities.

  2. As a registered user of WinZip I always enjoyed free upgrades. With Version 10, I see that WinZip’s policy has changed. Upgrades complete with an Upgrade Assurance plans are now offered. Given that storage is plentiful and cheap, I am not sure that I will even bother to upgrade.
    But I did find a copy of Version 9.0 SR-1 on the Internet. I hadn’t saved my prior copy because I could always download the latest and greatest from WinZip. But with the recent changes, I decided to keep the most recent version, in case I need to reinstall.
    I wonder how that $15mm figures into all the new upgrade policy?