The Madness of King George

George Gilder is onstage here at the AlwaysOn Conference, and he is in fine, mad form. So far he has noisily explained (complete with his uniquely Gilderian “throw me the ball” hand gestures) that WiFi and WiMax are irrelevant rearguard actions from doomed incumbents, complained about the rise of “devilware” and “diddleware”, dismissed nanotech as being old Intel stuff, handed Moore’s Law to Henry Adams, and generally fired off rhetorical blasts in all sorts of unhinged directions.

Go get ‘em, George.


  1. A smirk swept accross my face as I read your comments. How many times and by how much has he been completely wrong regarding technology over the years? I’m wondering if we have to wait an entire century before his predictions come to pass.
    And the stock picking in his newsletter! So much wealth vaporized, just by sitting around and waiting for the rest of the world to “get it.”
    I’m amazed the guy still gets speaking gigs.