Swinging at Siggraph in Los Angeles

If any Infectious Greed readers are at the always interesting Siggraph conference in Los Angeles this coming week, it’s looks like I’ll be there Monday/Tuesday. I’ve been attending Siggraph off and on since the mid-1990s (Orlando 1994 was my first), and I always find them useful.

This year’s keynote is by George Lucas on Monday (which I’ll almost certainly miss), but my faves are usually the tech talks, the Wild West exhibitor frenzy on the show floor, and, for the most fun, the emerging technology exhibits. Last year at the latter venue I saw all sorts of mind-bendingly fascinating new stuff, among which my favorites included a fog-based television, and a spotlight that tracked random panicked peopled as they scurried around the exhibit hall. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen people dive under tables and run around wildly trying to escape a relentlessly-following light.