Microsoft & Google Go Mano-a-Mano

From the wires, first we have Microsoft’s view of Google’s poaching of Microsoft search guru Kai-Fu Lee:

3:28pm Google Hired Lee To Lead China R&D Center [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft Says Lee’S Google Job Focuses On Same Areas [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft Seeking Ruling To Honor Confidentiality Pact [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft: Lee Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ Of Trade Secrets [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft Alleges Breach Of Confidentiality, Noncompete [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft Also Names Lee In Suit [CBS Marketwatch]
3:28pm Microsoft Sues Google Over Hiring Of Former Exec Lee [CBS Marketwatch]

And then we have Google’s pointed response thirty minutes later:

3:58pm Google Says It Will ‘Fully Support’ New Exec Kai-Fu Lee [CBS Marketwatch]
3:58pm Google Will Defend ‘Rigorously’ Against Microsoft Suit [CBS Marketwatch]
3:58pm Google Says Microsoft Suit ‘Completely Without Merit’ [CBS Marketwatch]

Gentlemen, start your lawyers!


  1. Three words;
    coffee, spray, keyboard