Keys Are Evil

Keys are evil (says Paul while locked out of the house and standing irritatedly on the front lawn). The day that home front-door metal keys are replaced by wireless door openers embedded in cell phones can’t come a moment too soon.


  1. Of course, if you lose your cell phone, besides being locked out of the house, you’ll also not have any way to call for help.

  2. I *never* use a key to get into my house. I’ve been using a wireless transmitter for several years now, so I never need the key. But it isn’t a cell phone, it is the Homelink transmitter built into my car, and it opens the garage door. Get with it, Paul!

  3. Good points all. I often worry that the current focus on making the cellphone a key/wallet/phone/etc. is just creating a single point of failure where there used to be resiliency in redundancy.
    Wrt a garage door opener, that would be fine except I had just arrived home in cab — so no car keys either!