Great Anti-Blogger Panel in Doonesbury

This weekend’s Doonesbury is a savagely funny anti-blogger panel, one guaranteed to vault the somewhat-languishing strip into the hot topic du jour — at least this week:


  1. Perhaps I don’t get it. I post in two blogs – my own and one for work – and I don’t feel like a self-employed loser.
    Of course he is only talking about a narrow slice of ‘blog-dom’. So is Trudeau another clueless boomer or forsaking facts for ‘funny’?

  2. Brian: yep, in fact, I think a lot of bloggers would feel like losers were they MERELY reporters. Most of the bloggers I read are happy to be BOTH entrepreneur AND blogger, law prof. AND blogger, etc.
    Of course you should substitute “cartooning” for “journalism” when you read this. It’s Trudeau’s way of saying: hey web cartoon upstarts, I’m syndicated, and you’re not!
    Although there is some ambiguity in the last panel…hmm…was that sarcasm about the advertisers?