Google Maps, Venture Capital, and the Tragical History Tour

While new Google Maps remixes are beginning to be about as common as dog hair in a house with a golden retriever, this one from socalTECH is nifty. It combines a Google map of southern California with a list of companies that have been venture-funded in the region.

The resulting map admittedly won’t turn into a driving tour to supplant “The Tragical History Tour” (an air-conditioned bus tour of various places where Hollywood-sorts bought it, from the Manson Murders to the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island), but it’s still interesting seeing the regional concentrations of venture-backed companies.

The upshot …

Orange/L.A. County: Good.

San Diego County: Bad.


  1. Well, it’s not complete…. We’re in San Diego County, and we got funded just a little over 3 months ago, yet these guys don’t list or map us. I bet there are lots more companies in SD County that aren’t on socalTECH’s map.

  2. Hey Brian — Yeah, I noticed that more than a few San Diego companies were missing. I get the feeling that the socalTech folks are more than a little L.A.-centric …

  3. The reason you’re not mapped is that it only maps the latest funding events — you’ll note that the earliest funding date listed (today) is 6/21/05. Your round A funding of $2.1M was way back in March…
    If you use the filter to show only software deals, round A you’ll see EVDB listed.
    Ben Kuo