Going Broke Saving Money

The RSS feed from DealNews is a classic syndication application, one that combines small pieces of information (product discounts) and perishability (one day only!) in a way that sends data to people and creates urgency and a compulsion to act. I literally find myself spotting something and thinking, “Whoaa, that’s a good price for hard-drives! And look at that Dell discount on desktops. Hey, maybe I need a new 20” LCD. And who woulda thought you could get memory keys for so little money?”

Of course, spending so much money on so many cheap things is also a straightforward way to go broke.


  1. Fred Boness says:

    Yeah, I like my bargains but, I can stop anytime.

  2. As a Canadian of proper vintage, you have to remember the lyrics of the Stompin’ Tom Connors tune that was used for the CBC program Marketplace: “Well there’s a sale on sumthin’ / We’ll buy it while it’s hot. / And save a lot of money / Spendin’ money we ain’t got.” Don’t ask me how or why I remember things like that.

  3. You could use my FooBar Search Alerts ( http://www.ypjain.com/notify/ ) to monitor any feed for certain keywords. It will monitor the feed/page for new content. If your keyword/query matches new content, it will send you an email with the actual link of the post.

  4. ken donohue says:

    Would like to find a way to work for the government and keep my present job.I have a job in the electric field.